Skytrak Launch Monitor

Sky Trak is a advanced golf launch monitor.  SkyTrak connects wirelessly to your mobile device or computer, Skytrak  accurately captures and displays ball data including launch angle, ball spin rate and ball flight as soon as you strike the ball. Skytrak golf picks up the ball only. The second you hit the ball, you will see its true trajectory. Whether you play a fade, draw or striaght, Skytrak will pick it up accurately.

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Skytrak Swing Data

Skytrak Golf launch monitor uses advanced photometric technology that you find on golf simulators costing 30-50K. Skytrak give you all the swing data including  shot shape, launch angle, spin rate, carry distance, and much more to improve your golf game.  With Shot-Tracer providing views from two camera angles, your practice time will be better and you will get more data than actually being at the golf  course. Skytrak features the technology you would find on commercial golf launch monitors and golf simulators costing 1000's more

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Skytrak Golf Packages

The biggest benefit of the skytrak golf launch monitor is its portability. You can take skytrak to the range and use it in your home. In addition, skytrak can easily be used for RH and LH. Skytrak can be used with a empty net and a hitting mat. You can connect your skytrak directly to your ipad or PC. The ultimate skytrak golf package is the full impact screen with projector and full golf cage. Imagine watching the ball going down the fairway on a 140" golf impact screen. We can design a skytrak golf package to fit your exact specifications

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Skytrak Golf Software


Skytrak comes with the standard driving range. From there you can upgrade to the skytrak game improvement package and the play and improve package. These skytrak packages are required to be able to play the golf simulator course software. The basic skytrak golf course software is the World Golf Tour software which can work off of your ipad. There are 10 WGT courses to play. This is the most affordable golf course software on the Skytrak. Trugolf E6 software is also avialable on the skytrak. E6 is the most popular commerical simulator software on the market. Endless options, dynamic gameplay and accuracy makes trugolf E6 one of the finest. The skytrak version comes with 15 courses, with more available. The Golf Club Game is the ultimate golf simulator software for the skytrak. Ultra 4k HD graphics, super smooth gameplay and over 100K courses make TGC the ultimate addition to the skytrak. All of the software for the skytrak is subscription based.

Affordable Indoor Golf Simulator

Skytrak Launch Monitors

To learn more about the features of the skytrak launch monitor and how it can improve your game, follow the link.