indoor golf simulator

Protee Golf Simulator

Protee  golf simulator is our most advanced indoor golf simulator. Protee has features you only find on 40-50K golf simulator systems. Protee starts out with a fiberbuilt plus turf top that features 101 sensors to pick yup not only the clu, but ball as well. In addtion, protee incorporates up to 2 high speed cameras that add additional ball data. Most indoor golf simulators feature either ball or club data. Protee golf features both ,giving you the most complete swing data on the market.

Protee Swing Analysis

After every swing on the Protee golf simulator, a new screen shows up giving you 17 different swing factors including club and ball speed, launch angle, swing path, ball spin rate and actual visual of your club hitting the ball.  No other indoor golf simulator incorportate as many sensors as Protee does for the price. If you want accuracy, dynamic gameplay, stunning HD graphics, over 100k courses to play, Protee golf is the way to go

indoor golf simulator

Protee Golf Simulator Packages

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Protee TGC Software

Over 100K Golf Courses

Protee Golf features 2 sets of golf course software. Within the Protee portal, there are over 85 courses you can play offline including a driving range. In addtion, Protee features The Golf Club Game with over 100k course to play. All in HD Ultra 4k Graphics. TGC is the new standard in golf simulator software and Protee has it! No more spending money on additional coure packs like other golf simulator systems. Just type in any famous course in the world and TGC has it!

Protee Indoor Golf

101 Sensors/High Speed Camera

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Protee Golf Options

Turnkey Packages

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More Info on Protee Golf Simulators

Find out you can have a fully customized Protee Indoor Golf Simulator for under 9k.  We can build a Protee simulator to your exact specs.