Optishot Golf Simulator

Optishot Golf Simulators

Optishot is our most popular golf simulator. At 299.00, optishot provides accurate swing analysis, great graphics and a wide assortment of courses to play. For those looking for a affordable, entry level  indoor golf simulator, optishot is the way to go. Optishot Golf Simulator is simple to setup and simple to operate. Optishot utilizes 16 sensors to pick up your club going back and thru the ball.  As an indoor golf simulator, optishot can be setup with a simple net and tv/monitor or  impact screen and projector

Optishot Swing Data

After every swing on your optishot ( driver, iron and putter ), a new screen will appear that will show all the swing data from your optishot. These include clubhead speed, tempo, distance, face angle, swing path and where on the face. A actual image of your club will appear as well on the optishot golf simulator. If you fade, draw, slice or hook the ball, it will show up on the optishot golf simulator

Optishot Golf Packages

We have a wide variety of indoor golf simulator packages with the optishot starting at under 700 dollars. We carry the full golf cages, golf nets, golf mats, golf screens and all the electronics to setup your indoor golf simulator. Be sure to checkout our padded optishot golf mat that is 3 times as thick as the stock optishot top. A " must have " for any indoor golf simulator setup.

Optishot Golf Data

Clubhead Data

With a Optishot indoor golf simulator, you can practice on the 6 target indoor golf  driving range. You can set up any distance with any club. Whether you want to practice a 250 yd drive or a 20 yd chip shot over a bunker, you can do any shot with a optishot indoor golf simulator. with optishot, you can even practice on your favorite golf course.

Optishot Golf Courses

Dynamic Gameplay

With the Optishot, you get 15 stunning golf courses , all in ultra 4k HD graphics. In addition, there are 25 premium courses that you can add to your indoor golf simulator. Replicas of some of the world's most famous golf courses. Be sure to ask us about specials. We have a limited supply of 3 free premium courses with the purchase of any optishot golf simulator.

Optishot Options

Golf Simulator Options

Spectrum Golf sells every component you need to setup your optishot golf simulator. We have full golf cages ranging from 10 x 10 x 10 to 10 x 15 x 10. We also have a smaller golf screen frame that is only 14" deep. This golf screen frame is designed for smaller applications. All of our indoor golf simulator setups can double as a home theater. Imagine watching the big game on a 140" screen. Email us for details on a home indoor golf simulator package.  We can customize one to fit your exact space requirements

More Info On Optishot Golf Simulators

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