Indoor golf simulator
Indoor golf simultor
Indoor golf simulator

What is an Indoor Golf Simulator?

An indoor golf simulator combines  hardware and software components that can track the club, ball or both. Most indoor golf simulators utilize a floor mounted sensor pad that tracks the club going back and through the ball. High end indoor golf simulators like Protee and Trugolf use other sensors to track the ball. These included acoustic sensors and high speed cameras. Indoor golf simulator sensors can have 16-101 optic sensors. The indoor golf simulator sensor pad is connected to a gaming computer thru a usb cable or a usb to serial adapter. The computer is then connected to a short throw projector ( via hdmi or vga )  that is either ceiling mounted, frame mounted or floor mounted. The second you hit the ball, you will see it going down the fairway on the golf impact screen. Most indoor golf simulators can double as a home theater/movie screen. Imagine watching football on a 150 inch diagonal screen!

What is included with an indoor golf simulator?

Most of our indoor golf simulator packages include everything you need to get started. Most of our indoor golf simulators  include a projector, computer, touch screen, golf sensor, golf course software, golf enclosure, golf impact screen, hitting golf mat, golf net, blackout panels, padding and all necessary components to set up the golf simulator.

Who uses indoor golf simulators

A few short years ago, the cost of owning an indoor golf simulator was beyond the reach of most golfers. Most indoor golf simulators cost 40-60K. Due to advancements in technology, the cost of owning an indoor golf simulator has come way down. Complete turnkey  indoor golf simulator packages start at under 2000 dollars!

Indoor golf simulators are owned by everyday golfers just like you who want the ability to play and practice year round without having to drive to the range or course just to hit a few balls. Unlike going to the driving range, indoor golf simulators give you instant feedback on every shot. Up to 17 different swing factors including launch angle, ball spin rate, face angle and swing path.

You can find indoor golf simulators at bars/restaurants, proshops, golf courses, driving ranges and freestanding indoor golf simulator businesses.

What can an indoor golf simulator do for my game and swing ?

The 2 main purposes of an indoor golf simulator is entertainment and swing analysis. Our  indoor golf simulators  feature up to 100,000 different golf courses to play. All in Ultra 4K HD graphics. With an indoor golf simulator, you can play all of the world's most famous golf courses including Pebble Beach, St Andrews, Pinehurst, Bethpage Black and many more. With golf impact screens as large as 14 wide and outstanding dynamic game play, our indoor golf simulators are the next best thing to actually being on the course. Even when you are playing a course, each shot is recorded  and all the swing data is available. Whether you are hitting a 300 yd drive or a 10 yd wedge shot, complete swing analysis is given after every shot.

All of our indoor golf simulators feature a driving range and some included a chipping/putting area. Some will collect all the swing data from every shot for analysis. For example, you can hit 10 7 irons and then compare data from each shot. Most indoor golf simulators feature targets that you can hit to . These targets can be set at any distance to work on any club. After every shot on the indoor golf simulator, a new screen pops up showing all your swing data and an actual image of the club face at impact.  You can't get that from just going to the driving range.

indoor golf simulator

Indoor Golf Simulator Systems

We sell several indoor golf simulator systems. Optishot is our most popular indoor golf simulator and our most affordable. Trugolf and Protee are on the high end of golf simulators and feature secondary sensors/camera that pick up ball data in addition to club head data.  Skytrak is a launch monitors that tracks the ball only.

Protee indoor golf simulators are our most popular high end golf simulator. Protee feature 101 sensors, high speed cameras and a plush built in turf top. Protee give you 17 different swing factors after every swings. Protee features The Golf Club Game software. TGC features over 100,000 courses, online gameplay and tournaments and ultra 4k HD graphics. The best in the indoor golf simulator software industry. In addition, Protee golf features 85 of their standard golf courses to play offline.

Trugolf indoor golf simulators are the standard in the industry. Trugolf features the ever popular E6 1.6 golf simulator software with 54 courses and scoring/ practice area and their new Trutrack 2.0 fiberbuilt sensor system. The fiberbuilt mat feature a thick plush built in turf top that will feel like your hitting outside on fresh turf!. With Trugolf's patented accoustic sensors and trutrack 2.0. you will be getting one of the most accurate indoor golf simulators on the market.

Optishot indoor golf simulators feature a 16 sensor sensor pad, 15 HD golf courses, complete swing analysis, a 6 target driving range and a wide array of options. Optishot is is an ideal entry level golf simulator that will give you hours of enjoyment. If you want to play some courses and work on your swing, the optishot indoor golf simulator is for you.

Custom Indoor Golf Simulators

To find out more how we can design and build a custom indoor golf simulator to fit your exact specifications visit us at or click the button