Golf Screens Made in USA

We manufacture, cut, and sew all of our golf screens right here in North Carolina. We don't out source our impact screens like other golf simulator manufacturers. This allows us to do custom golf impact screens in days instead of weeks. We have 2 different golf screen materials. Supertex and Poly. both can take a real golf ball. Be wary of Chinese made golf screens, cheaply made and wont take a real golf ball.

Golf Screen Construction

We triple hem all of our golf impact screens, then add reinforced webbing for added strength and durability. We DO NOT use grommets on our golf screens. No matter how you install them, they ALWAYS end up tearing or ripping. On our golf screens, we use a patented sleeve system that holds a pvc pipe. The pvc acts like a frame around the golf impact screen and creates a nice smooth edge. We then add adjustable straps around the pvc to secure the golf screen. This eliminate tension on the fabric and allows the golf screen tension to be adjustable.

Golf Screen Design

We manufacture standard golf screens, hanging golf screens, golf screens with sewn in straps, knotched golf screens, and golf screens with velcro. We can design a golf impact screen to meet your exact specifications. Our golf screens can go as high a 9 ft and up to 20 ft long. Email or call us for details on how we can design a golf screen to meet your exact specifications

Golf Screen Frames

We manufacture a wide array of custom and stock golf cages, golf enclosures and golf frames. We can build one to fit your exact space requirements. We even have a retractable curtain track system for confined areas. Our indoor golf simulator setups can double as a home theater.

Golf Screen Material

We have 2 different golf impact screen materials. Supertex is our residential golf screen material that projects an outstanding HD image and can take a real ball. Our poly blend golf impact screen material is our commercial grade. It has a slight grain look to it, so the image is not as crisp. If you hit a lot of balls go with Poly

Golf Impact Screen Sizes

Our golf screen material comes in 120-123 inch rolls. We can make a golf screen approx 108-112 inches wide and any length. All of our golf hitting screens are seamless. We stock 96-144 length impact screens. We can do custom sizes

Custom Golf Impact Screens

Since we manufacture all of our golf impact screens in house, we can build and design a golf screen to meet your exact specs. All typically within a week! We can add straps, velcro, grommets and built up to 9 ft tall and any width ( we have do 20 ft screens ). Click link to find out more about custom golf impact screens

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