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Indoor Golf Simulator Cages

The first place you want to start on building an indoor golf simulator is with the golf cage or golf enclosure. How much space do you have for the golf cage? L x W x H. Then determine if you want fixed side walls/top for your indoor golf simulator. We can build golf simulator cages with 2,3,4,5 and 10 ft side walls and top. We can also build a golf screen frame that has no sides. We even have retractable black side curtains for your golf enclosure. All of our indoor golf simulator cages can double as a home theater.

Golf Cage Construction

We use 3/4 inch steel conduit to build our basic golf cages and golf enclosures. These indoor golf simulator cages are perfect for basic indoor golf simulator setups. For more advanced indoor golf simulator setups we recommend our 1 1/4 aluminum golf frame system. This golf frame allows all of the sensors, lights, cameras and projector to mount directly to the frame. We pre-cut and pre-measure the entire frame. It assembles with 1 allen wrench.

Find the Right Indoor Golf Simulator Cage for You

We can design and build the perfect indoor golf simulator cage to meet your exact specifications. To learn more, call us at 336-342-5592, email us at optishotgolfsimulator@gmail.com or click link below.


Basic Golf Cages

Our basic golf cage is 3/4 conduit with a 4 sided US made net and US made golf impact screen. These golf cages come in 10,12 and 15 ft wide. % and 10 ft deep. Standard height is 10 ft, but can easily be adjusted. Options for the golf cage included blackout panels, golf screen padding,

Golf Cage Components

Our 1 1/4 aluminum frame is used on our higher end indoor golf simulators like Protee and Trugolf. We provide all of the connectors and piping with this golf frame. We can mount all of the golf simulator components directly to this golf cage. We prefabricate the cage for all of our golf simulator systems

Golf Cage Design

We can build an indoor golf simulator cage for optishot, p3proswing, skytrak, trugolf and protee. With each golf simulator, we can incorporate all of the sensors, cameras, lights and projectors to make a self contained golf enclosure.


We Can Build the Perfect Golf Cage

Let us build you the perfect golf cage, golf frame or golf enclosure. We can provide golf nets, golf mats, panels and everything you need to build the perfect indoor golf simulator